Equipment hire

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EASIE Living has a range of bathroom and mobility equipment available for you to hire for short or long term periods.

Our range is listed below, but if you need something that's not here, get in touch with us because we may be able to provide it.

How to hire equipment from EASIE Living

To hire equpment from us:

  • Call us on 06 353 2743
  • Email
  • See us in store at 585 Main St, Palmerston North

Rates listed below are for daily hire.  Weekly hire rates are also available on request.

Mobility equipment


Transit wheelchair

 a wheelchair with small wheels

Daily hire: $4.10 Attendent propelled wheelchair, available in 16x16" seat depth and width and 18x18"

Requires an attendant to push

Self Propelled wheelchair


a wheelchair with large rear wheels

Daily hire: $4.10 Self propelled wheelchair, available in 16x16" seat depth and width and 18x18"

Can be propelled by the user, or pushed by an attendant


a blue walking frame with wheels

Daily hire: $3.29

Features hand brakes, padded seat and a storage compartment under the seat

Bathroom and toilet

Shower stool with arms

a white shower stool with metal arms

Daily hire: $2.95

Provides additional support in the shower.  Adjustable height

Commode 3-in-1

A white commode with a metal frame

Daily hire: $4.10

Strong steel frame.  Adjustable height.  Can be used standalone or over toilet

Bath bench

A white bath bench with chrome legs

Daily hire: $2.95

Ideal for transferring in and out of the bath.  Adjustable height

Triangle shower stool

A small triangle-shaped shower stool with metal legs

Daily hire: $2.95

Provides additional support in the shower.  Adjustable height.  Good for small spaces

Small bath seat

A white plastic seat with rubber feet

Daily hire: $2.95

Provides a stable sitting platform in the bath.  Suction cups on feet for stability

4-inch toilet seat raiser

A white plastic toilet seat

Daily hire: $2.95

Makes it easier to get on and off the toilet.  Easy to clean plastic.  Fits most toilet bowls