A great time to cook something new!

The EASIE Living team has been busy in their kitchens during the Covid-19 lockdown, trying new recipes and honing their cooking skills!

Kelly impressed us all with her fantastic slow cooker apricot chicken. Give this recipe a try at home!

Kelly's slow cooker chicken recipe

Chicken drum sticks to serve (as many as needed)
1 x tin of apricots
Dried apricots - about 15 cut in half
2 x onions finely chopped
2 x tablespoons of sweet chilli sauce
1 teaspoon of crushed ginger

In a bowl put in the juice of apricot tin, dried apricots, sweet chilli sauce, crushed ginger, garlic, mixed herbs, onion soup.

Mix together then add apricots from tin and onions.

Coat the chicken in Moroccan spices first then put in the slow cooker, coat with apricot sauce and cook for 6 hours on low

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