Adaptive BILLY Footwear range available to try at EASIE Living

EASIE Living is proud to become the local agent for adaptive footwear range BILLY Footwear, making it easy for customers in the Manawatu to try on and test out this innovative selection of shoes.

BILLY Footwear allows users to zip open the front of the shoe, providing easy of use for people with AFOs (ankle-foot orthotics) or that have limited mobility.

The shoes offer:

  • Fliptop technology which provides an easy way to put on and take off the shoes
  • Easy to see placement of toes for a perfect fit
  • Removable footbed inserts

Not only are the shoes functional and adaptive, but they have been designed with fashion and inclusion in mind. The shoes are available in New Zealand via company Adaptive Footwear, owned by Emma who has a child that wears AFOs. She wanted to find a range that was funky and functional, for children and adults alike. 

EASIE Living has a small selection of the these shoes in store so you can touch, see and test out the shoes before you head online to buy. We also have size charts available so you can be confident in ordering the right size for your needs.

Head in store to 585 Main Street, Palmerston North to check out the range, or find out more about the shoes by visiting (external website)

Read more about the story behind the BILLY Footwear range at (external website)

Image of selection of shoes of different colours and styles