Helping people get out in the community "any time that suits"

EASIE Living’s Mobile Outreach Coordinator Lesley Harrison recently worked with two Palmerston North residents, Mark and Sam, to help them apply for Lottery Grant funding for mobility vehicles. Receiving the grants has given them both more freedom—letting them go where they want, “any time that suits.”

Mark wrote to Lesley,

"Just wanted to say how grateful I am on receiving my new powerchair.

"Before I received the chair, I did have a scooter on hire, but even though it got me around the town I was unable to get into a lot of places due to the chair’s lack of agility or places just not allowing scooters.

"I was unable to access transport too, due to not being able to travel on the local buses.

"Now I will be able to go on the buses to Feilding to see my parents when they come in off the farm for their fortnight bulk shopping session.

"It is hard when you have limited mobility to get around and have a normal life, but now that I have a powerchair I will be able to do a lot more and even get back into the gym ….

"So once again I thank you and the Lotteries Commission for granting me this powerchair, and I will put it to good use. Thank you for helping me and making my daily life a bit better.

"Now I will be hard to find as I will be out on it a lot!"

Sam wrote,

"I’ve had ‘Trevor the Tractor’ for three days now and am truly delighted with it.  The sense of freedom it brings is enormous—not only in not having to rely on others, but being confidant that I can get to appointments and meetings and the knowledge I can go out at any time that suits. (Something that was missing for a while).

"I would ask you to pass my grateful thanks on to the Lotto Grants Board. And all your hard work and perseverance was an integral part of the whole [process]. I am delighted and very much blessed by this enormous gift.

"To you Lesley and especially to the Lotto Grants Board, a Huge Thank You." 

Two photos, one of a man in a power chair, one of a man on a power scooter