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What's in the Sensory Space?

Find out what equipment is available in the Sensory Space.

Download our printable guide to what's in the Sensory Space (PDF, 3.1 MB)

Chaise Lounge Chair (Abecca Healthcare)

The chaise lounge is designed to be a relaxing and supportive seat where the user can sit or recline. It can work well as a de-escalation tool. It’s covered in medical-grade fire-retardant fabric. The seams are heat sealed, making it waterproof and easy to clean.

Learn more about the Chaise Lounge from Abecca Healthcare

Bean Bag (Abecca Healthcare)

This fully sealed bean bag provides a relaxing experience which can be great for calming anxiety. When the user sits on it, the medical-grade beads inside conform to the shape of their body, providing a supportive feeling.

Learn more about the Bean Bag from Abecca Healthcare

Bubble Tower (Medix 21)

The one-metre-tall bubble tower provides a soothing visual experience. The gentle upward movement of the bubbles combined with ambient light creates a calming effect.

This device is interactive – users can control the colours by rotating a soft multi-coloured cube. This allows users to be in control of their experience by choosing the colours that appeal to them.

The cube also has a speaker, which users can turn on or off. The speaker allows users to interact with the bubble tower in different ways. For example, there is a colour setting, where the speaker will say the names of the colours out loud.

Find out more about sensory equipment from Medix 21

Light Tail (Medix 21)

The light tail offers a calming sensory experience, combining gentle colour changes with the smooth feel of the strands. Each strand contains LED lights which change colour in a sequence. Users can drape themselves with the light tail and touch it, but it must be handled gently, or the strands could break.

Switching board (EASIE Living)

Our switching board is all about interaction. With a range of knobs, switches, latches and other materials, different users can find it stimulating in different ways. Some might want to just use the switches, while others will be drawn to the textures. It provides a variety of experiences that can engage the user depending on their preferences.

Texture wall (EASIE Living)

Our texture wall is similar in principle to the switching board, except it’s focused on textures. Within the frame are wooden boards, each one with a different texture. The textures include sponges, artificial grass, and steel wool. Users can move the boards around or remove them completely so they can interact with only the textures they like.

We also have a variety of coasters containing various textures. These are designed to be paired with the large canvas pictures at the entrance to the sensory room – users can look at the picture and then feel the texture of some of the things represented in the picture.

Weighted blankets, toys, and pads
(Sensory Sam)

Soft weighted objects can be very calming. They provide a sense of comfort, like deep pressure therapy. They can calm a restless body or ease feelings of anxiety.

We have several weighted objects for people to use, including blankets, soft toy animals and a lap pad.

We also have a compression sheet, supplied by Sensory Sam. It’s a similar idea to the weighted blanket, providing users with a feeling of snugness.

Learn more about sensory products from Sensory Sam

Projector (Medix 21)

The projector shows calming images onto the wall. There are several scenes, including animals, birds, and a lava lamp. The images can be changed to suit the preferences of those using the space.

INMU Touch Sound Cushion (Allied Medical)

The INMU Touch sound cushion is a soft round speaker that plays music and responds to your movement and touch. Music starts playing when you pick up the cushion, combining sounds, soft vibrations, and appealing tactile details to stimulate or soothe the senses. We have two cushions - one plays gentle ambient sounds, and the other more upbeat music. The INMU is ideal for reducing unease, frustration, anxiety and loneliness, diverting attention and improving sleep.

Learn more about the INMU Touch from Allied Medical

Wobble Cushion (Sensory Sam)

The wobble cushion is great for children who love to wiggle but need a little help sitting still or focusing sometimes. This inflatable and tactile cushion helps them improve their posture and focus at the same time. When the wobble cushion is only slightly inflated, it creates a slight instability in the sitting position on any standard chair, thus allowing children to wriggle and fidget quietly.

Learn more about the Wobble Cushion from Sensory Sam

Fidget Kit (Sensory Sam)

The fidget kit is for those that enjoy interacting with objects that have moving parts. It also provides different textures to stimulate the touch senses.

Learn more about fidget toys from Sensory Sam

Textured balls (Sensory Corner)

Our range of textured balls provide a rich sensory experience, allowing users to feel different textures and shapes. The textures include soft, hard, fabric, spiky, and sticky.

Find more sensory objects and equipment from Sensory Corner

Body sock (Sensory Sam)

Photo courtesy of Sensory Sam

The body sock is a full-body case like a sleeping bag. It’s tight for users when they’re in it. People can hide away in the body sock if they like, or just have their head out. It provides users with a unique tactile experience, providing deep pressure to the joints. The snugness also provides a relaxing experience.

Learn more about the Body Sock from Sensory Sam

Ear Muffs (Sensory Sam)

Photo courtesy of Sensory Sam

Children with autism often struggle with background noise, which can cause distraction and make it hard for them to process information. The Shh Muffs lower the overall decibel of the background noise, while allowing your child to hear someone speak.

Learn more about the range of Shh Muffs from Sensory Sam

Other items

In addition to the fantastic equipment outlined above, we also have a range of smaller objects purchased from local discount stores and K-Mart. These includes balls and other small items with a range of different textures and shapes. These objects show parents or caregivers some easy, accessible ways to achieve a sensory experience at a lower cost.