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Peta Garden Trowel

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Keep gardening pain-free with the Peta Garden Trowel.

With a comfortable angled handle, the Peta Garden Trowel is easy to hold because it keeps the hand at a natural angle, preventing discomfort that can come from bending the wrist.

It's perfect for people with arthritis so they can enjoy gardening with less pain and discomfort.

The Peta Garden Trowel is stainless steel so it glides through soil even in wet conditions, and it stops the tool becoming heavy with the weight of any soil that sticks to it.

You can also add an arm support cuff to increase leverage.

The vinyl handle is a non-slip grip and it feels soft to hold so you don't have to hold it tight, and it's less likely to twist in damp conditions.


Weight: Each tool weighs about 230 grams.
Materials: 100% stainless steel tools.
colours: Green and yellow.