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Tools to make life easier in the kitchen

Tools to make life easier in the kitchen

Lesley demonstrates some simple tools that could help make you more independent in the kitchen.

EASIE Living has a great range of tools that help make life in the kitchen so much easier.

Check out the full range!

Here are some popular items that many of our customers find very useful.

Good Grips swivel peeler

A black vegetable peeler

The Good Grips swivel peeler makes peeling vegetables a breeze. They're made specially for those with arthritis or limited mobility in the hands, so they're very comfortable and easy to use!

Learn more about the swivel peeler

Good Grips can opener

A can opener with a black handle


The Good Grips can opener makes opening a can effortless and pain free. Its design makes the handle very easy to turn and it's easy to squeeze.

Learn more about the Good Grips can opener

Jar Key

A blue handle lever rests on the edge of a pickle jar


The Jar Key makes opening jars extremely easy. You just pop it over the edge of the jar and lift, and the lid will easily come loose!

Learn more about the Jar Key

Can Key

A blue curved plastic tool pulls up the tab of a tin can


The Can Key is a wonderful device designed to open cans with tabs. Just slide the tool under the tab and pull. The can opens effortlessly!

Learn more about the Can Key

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