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Sensory Space

Looking for a calm and safe space for your child to play and explore?
The sensory space at EASIE Living provides a small sensory environment in which to stimulate or soothe the senses through touch, sound and light. It has been developed in collaboration with local parenting and autism organisations.

Sensory spaces can help with language development, improved coordination and motor development, and an increase in calmness.

The space is free to use and bookable for up to an hours’ exclusive use.

Monday - Friday 9am - 3.30 pm

To book your session give us a call on 06 353 2743

Whats in the sensory space

Bubble Tower

The gentle upward movement
of the bubbles combined with ambient light creates a calming

Vibrating Sound Cushion

The INMU Touch sound cushion is a soft round speaker that plays music and responds to your movement and touch.

(Allide Medical)

Chaise Lounge Chair

A relaxing and supportive seat where
the user can sit or recline.
It can work well as a de-escalation tool.
(Abecca Healthcare)

Bean Bag

This fully sealed bean bag provides a relaxing experience which can be great for calming anxiety. When the user sits on it, the beads inside conform to the shape of their body, providing a supportive feeling.
(Abecca Healthcare)

Light Tail

The light tail offers a calming sensory experience, combining gentle colour changes
with the smooth feel of the strands.
(Medix 21)

Switching Board

All about interaction, with a range of knobs, switches,
latches and other materials. Different users can find it stimulating in different ways.

(EASIE Living)

Texture Wall

Our texture wall is a plywood frame with small, movable boards that slow into
it, each one with a
different texture.
(EASIE Living)


The projector shows calming images onto the wall. There are
several scenes, including animals, birds, and lava lamp. The images can be changed to suit the preferences of those using the space.

(Medix 21)

Weighted items

Weighted objects can provide
a sense of comfort. They can calm
a restless body or ease feelings of anxiety.
(Sebsory Sam)

Wobble Cushion

The wobble cushion is great for children
who love to wiggle but need a little
help sitting still or focusing sometimes.
(Sensory Sam)

Fidgets and more

We have a range of fidgets
and other toys to explore.