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Our parking options

Free parking at EASIE Living 

We have off-street car parks for visitors and customers. They include two accessible car parks for people with mobility parking permits. 

There is no charge for parking in our car park while you're visiting us.

Getting into our car park 

585 Main Street is in the block between Princess Street and Victoria Street. 

If you're driving, it's easier to approach from Princess Street, because there's a traffic island down the middle of Main Street. 

There's also a shared service lane outside our building. It runs parallel with Main Street. You have to get into this lane to turn into our car park. 

Our location

Accessible car parks

Our accessible car parks are on the left as you drive in. 

They're outside the entrance to  EASIE Living, next to the ramp as you enter the building. 

There are three standard parking spaces on the right as you drive in. They're along the black metal fence and are clearly marked. Please note the first three car parks at the Main Street end are not available for customer parking as these are privately owned separate to EASIE Living and are signposted Private Parking. There is also one standard park on the left as you drive into the car park, between the accessible parks. 

Other parking options 

If you can't get into our car park, here are some nearby parking options. 

  • 1 hour parks on Main Street outside our building. 
  • 3 hour parks on Main Street across the road from the building. 
  • 2 hour parks on Broadway between Princess and Victoria Steets (cathedral block).
  • All day parks on Church Street north of Victoria Street. 
  • Wilson car park corner Broadway and Amesbury. Cost $3.00 to $6.00 per day.

Please note: The parks on Main Street are popular with local workers. 

View our parking map 

Download our colour-coded map of parking options (PDF, 2.5 MB)