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Allied Medical Bath Board 200kg Capacity

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One piece bath board designed to sit on top of the bath. Provide user with a comfortable and sturdy seat for independent bathing. Weight capacity of 200kg. 

  • Comfortable and sturdy seat for independent bathing 
  • Side handle which provides stability transferring in and out of the bath
  • Easy to fit the four adjustment knobs allowing the bath board to fit into the curvature of the bath
  • Once positioned on the bath board, this product allows flexibility in the bathing method of the user, which includes use of a shower head and the ability to lower their position into the bath.  
  • To ensure safe use, the width of the bath board must be similar or identical to the width of the bath.
  • Adjustable brackets are installed so they are flush with the inner sides of the bath. 
  • It is recommended to regularly check and inspect these to ensure they remain tight. These checks are important to ensure stability and safety
  • Grab rails alongside the bath can also assist with transfer on and off bath boards.
  •  Some boards also have a handle built in, which should be placed on the wall side of the bath. The handle works to provide extra support while getting on and off the board.