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Black Sensory Space Swing

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There is too much fun to be had in this stretchy Sensory Space Swing!

Made out of a double layer of super soft cotton spandex (reversible)  this truly multi-functional swing encourages movement and exercise andcan be used when sitting, standing or lying down. The kids can climb in the swing, stretch out and move around inside the swing, they learn body awareness, balance, motor planning and spatial skills. A fun, private space to bounce, swing, spin or just lie motionless while enjoying the movement. A must swing for your clinic, home or school.

Comes with all the hardware for attaching to beam on ceiling. and extra eye bolt so you can have inside and outside swinging options



 80KG weight limit

Active eyes on supervision at all times

Fall and strangulation hazards if product not used correctly

Only use correct hardware that comes with the swing

Read the installation instructions carefully and follow each step

Designed for indoor use, can go outside but must be brought back inside after use

Routinely check all aspects of product for wear and damage, discontinue use it damage found

Move fabric around periodically to prevent wear in one spot


Ages 4 and up