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Suprem Pull Ups - Maxi Small


The Lille Suprem range of pull-up pants are designed for managing moderate to heavy incontinence. Suprem Pants can be worn like regular underwear or removed by tearing the sides.


Offers more freedom during day or night
The breathable textile back sheet provides comfort and discretion.
These easy-to-use products can be worn and taken off like normal underwear.
Easy to fit and wear – just like normal underwear
Soft elasticated sides allow for a very comfortable fit and provide protection against leakages
Breathable and hypoallergenic to maximise skin integrity (latex free)
Simple tear away sides designed for easy removal
An super absorbent core provides conentrated protection where it is most needed
Wetness indicator will turn blue in contact with urine and indicates when the pad should be changed for maximum comfort


Available Types:

Absorbency: Extra
Size: Medium
Units per Pack: 14
Price (incl GST):$32
Code: LSPU0211

Absorbency: Extra
Size: Large
Units per Pack: 14
Price (incl GST):$33
Code: LSPU0311

Absorbency: Extra
Size: XL
Units per Pack: 14
Price (incl GST):$37
Code: LSPU0411

Absorbency: Maxi
Size: Small
Units per Pack: 14
Price (incl GST):$35
Code: LSPU0121

Absorbency: Maxi
Size: Large
Units per Pack: 14
Price (incl GST):$43
Code: LSPU0321

Absorbency: Extra
Size: XL
Units per Pack: 14
Price (incl GST):$45
Code: LSPU0421