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Toothbrushes Electric Spaceman 2-6 Years

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Electric Toothbrush Children's Spaceman

Children's 360 degree Toothbrush

Come in Blue, Green & Pink and Two Sizes 

Age 2-6

Age 6-14

How Cute are These

  • This children’s 360 Toothbrush uses low-amplitude ultrasonic vibration that’s safe and gentle for child’s sensitive teeth and gums
  • Uses blue light technology to kill bacteria while whitening your teeth
  • Mouthpiece-like design that offers all-around deep cleaning to remove stuck food and sugar residue
  • Effectively prevents early tooth decay and cavities in children
  • It’s rechargeable and with a long battery life that lasts for 15 days when fully charged for 2 hours
  • Smart 60-seconds brushing timer to help develop their brushing habit
  • IPX7-level waterproof body
  • Five cleaning modes: Massage mode, Gentle mode, Cleaning mode, Gum protection mode, Deep cleaning
  • Material: Silicon+ABS / Power Source: USB Cord 
  • Package Content:
    • 1 x Children’s 360 Toothbrush
    • 1 x USB Cord


How To Use:

1. Once fully charged, apply 2-3 small pea size amounts of toothpaste (your choice) to the tray of the mouthpiece.
2. Place the mouthpiece into child's mouth between their top and bottom jaw.
3. Press button to select desired mode.
4. Move brush side to side for optimal results.
5. After brushing clean to disinfect and wipe dry.

*Make sure brush is dry before placing it on charge again.

Want to know what the benefits are to using a silicone head, heres a bit of the science behind it and a study that you can read if interested.

The science: The silicone toothbrush has the ability to gently but thoroughly clean the gums. If you gums are not cleaned regularly the sticky biofilm known as plaque, will begin to accumulate in your mouth. When plaque isn't removed from your teeth, it hardens into tartar under the gumline which can  lead to inflammation of the gum area surrounding the base of a tooth. This can lead to periodontal disease.

Here is a study comparing plaque removal by a rubber-tipped (silicone) toothbrush with a nylon-tipped toothbrush.