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Weighted Animal - Rabbit 1.5KG

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Light Brown

Weighted Calm Down Rabbit - 1.5KG

Weighted Calm Down Pet - Rabbit


Our Weighted Calm Down Pets are designed specifically as an anti-anxiety companion, they can help children cope with stressful situations by providing deep pressure stimulation. Rabbit is a great coping tool for children with sensory input needs.  He’s just the right size for carrying along to when children are faced with any unfamiliar environment that can raise stress levels. He’s also the perfect pet for older adults who are struggling with Alzheimer’s, dementia or social isolation. His warm, heavy body feels life like, his paws and body are filled with non-toxic glass beads that add weight. The beads, fur, paw-pads, ears, eyes and nose all provide unique textures for tactile exploration.

His soft, cuddly body is weighted (1.5 kg) approx to help children feel secure as they hold him. 

He is 32cms tall.

This gorgeous brown bunny comes in his own drawstring calico bag.

Ages 3+ years

Can be cleaned with a damp cloth

Any sign of damage please dispose of.